During the years, I have created and/or collected a lot of useful little addons for DFA. There are not only several sophisticated Arexx scripts, but documentation in different formats as well. All I cannot put on the disk due to disk space limitations is provided here for download:

Arexx Scripts

dfa2dif.lha (521 Bytes) Export script for dif formatted files (e.g. Datamat)
dfatowrite.lha (1155 Bytes) Export DFA to Gold Disk's TransWrite mailmerge file
dfatowtel.lha (1296 Bytes) Convert the DFA database into a WilhemTel phonebook
dif2dfa.lha (756 Bytes) Import script for dif formatted files (e.g. Datamat)
filofaxascii.lha (4128 Bytes) Prints your addresses on DIN A6 pages (4 per DIN A4 page)
filofaxtex.lha (1567 Bytes) Outputs TeX formatted FileFax pages. You need (La)TeX to print them!
importadm.lha (2361 Bytes) Updated (!) script to import AdressManager databases

Locale files

dfalocalesrc-26.lha (23237 Bytes) Locale source files for DFA v2.6
dfalocfrench-25.lha (9640 Bytes) French locale files for DFA v2.5 and v2.6
dfalocitalian-25.lha (10545 Bytes) Italian locale files for DFA v2.5 and v2.6


dfa26pse.lha (120455 Bytes) English documentation (Postscript format)
dfa26ase.lha (65242 Bytes) English documentation (ASCII format)
dfa26agf.lha (95326 Bytes) French documentation (Amigaguide format)
dfa26txf.lha (93686 Bytes) French documentation (TeX format)
dfa26psf.lha (114765 Bytes) French documentation (Postscript format)
dfa26asf.lha (54517 Bytes) French documentation (ASCII format)
dfa26psg.lha (153404 Bytes) German documentation (Postscript format)
dfa26asg.lha (74134 Bytes) German documentation (ASCII format)

If you have any questions about these files, feel free to ask by email.

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