The demo version of MagicCX is available for free download. It is fully functional with the exception that you cannot save the preferences. So you may change the preferences of MagicCX, but they will be lost as soon as you reboot your computer. All the preferences can be saved as soon as you have personally registered.

MagicCX is distributed in one single archive that contains everything needed for a proper setup, such as the executables and the documentation.

Download the MagicCX demo from one of the different AmiNet mirrors around the world. Choosing a mirror near to your location will decrease download times.

Country Server Demo Version
USA [MO] MagicCX12.lha
Australia MagicCX12.lha
Italy MagicCX12.lha
Scandinavia MagicCX12.lha
Germany MagicCX12.lha

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