MagicCX has been developed for almost two years now. Many MagicCX users participated in the development of MagicCX: They made suggestions, placed bug reports, did beta testing, translated locale files and so forth.

The following lines may give you an idea of what MagicCX is today:

  • Support for OS2.x/3.x

    • Commodity support, ie. MagicCX can be reached by hotkey or the Exchange utility of the Workbench or any similar program.
    • Application icon and application menu.

  • Support of native languages (OS2.1+ needed)
    • Translations will be released as they become available.

  • Beautiful and comfortable user interface

    • The complete distribution comes along with MagicWB icons, some of them were especially created for MagicCX by the MagicWB author Martin Huttenloher himself.
    • Easy to use multi page Preferences window, automatically displays Preferences for Modules installed.
    • All windows of MagicCX are font sensitive.
    • All operations of MagicCX are accessable by keyboard.

  • Highly configurable

    • MagicCX comes with over 20 modules which incorporate well known and sometimes highly sophisticated functions.
    • MagicCX even comes with over 20 external Blanker modules, which are added to the Preferences program automagically, which also applies to function Modules.
    • Using this technique, users may set up MagicCX's functionality to their needs and they will not waste percious memory.

  • Powerful Arexx interface
    • Almost any of the program's functions, including those of external Modules,
      may be altered through the ARexx interface.
    • Some of the functions are available through the ARexx interface only.

  • Complete Documentation

    • Online help is available out of (nearly) every window of MagicCX.
    • The complete documentation is available in German and English.
    • The distribution contains the documention in AmigaGuide format.

  • Carefully programmed application for optimal efficiency

    • Program code used by more than one part of MagicCX have been exported into a shared libraries, the mcx.library, mcxblanker.library and mcxgui.library (newer versions will utilise gtlayout.library directly).
    • Usage of memory pools decreases memory fragmentation and speeds up memory allocation and deallocation

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