If you are not a programmer yourself, you probably want to know what you have to do with a library collection for creating user interfaces. The next few paragraphs will answer this question.

MUI is more than just a few libraries. The complete package contains several advanced preferences tools with detailed documenation, demonstration programs, a large number of different images and backgrounds to customize applications, several qualitiy presets, and much more.

Due to the size of this package, MUI is not included with every MUI based application, especially not with the numerous public domain and shareware utilities distributed on Aminet or PD disks and CDs. You need to get MUI yourself and install it on your system to be able to run these programs. MUI should become an integral part of your operating system, just like the libraries distributed together with your Workbench, and not be part of each and every application.

Since it wouldn't make much sense to require a purchase of MUI just because you want to run a MUI based program, MUI does not force you to register. You can get a demo version for free which is sufficient to run any MUI application without restrictions or time limits. Experiences show that even with just the demo version, MUI programs are more user friendly and easier to use than their non-MUI counterparts. However, the MUI demo version does not allow to configure different looks for user interfaces.

Thus, if you only need MUI to run a few programs and are content with the default look, registration is not necessary. On the other hand, if you want to use MUI's advanced design features and customize your applications or if you just think MUI is good and should be supported, you can order your personal copy right here on these pages.

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