MUI on its own is a nice toy to play with, but wouldn't make much sense at all when used alone. The full power of this system is revealed by the great number of MUI based applications, written by experienced Amiga developers from all over the world. All these programs take advantage of MUI's unmatched configurability and offer unknown flexibility concerning the look & feel of their user interfaces.

This page contains a little compilation of a few very famous and well-known MUI programs together with links to their home pages. Feel free to browse around to gather more information, but make sure to return to see what else MUI has to offer.

Besides from this compilation, you might also want to look at the complete list of all available MUI programs on Aminet, the biggest collection of freely distributable Amiga Software. All applications are available for immediate download there.

While browsing through the following lists, please remember that all these programs work fine with the demo version of MUI. However, if you intend to use the advanced configuration options and make all your programs look as nice as this web site, you should order your personal copy.

Internet Applications
IBrowse by Omnipresence
WWW Browser with many HTML3 and Netscape extensions. IBrowse is currently the only availabe Amiga WWW Browser which is capable of displaying the MUI Web pages in their full beauty.

Voyager by Vaporware
WWW Browser used e.g. in the Surfer pack of Amiga Technologies. Voyager is small and fast and also works fine on low-end systems.

AmIRC by Vaporware
Very flexible and feature-loaded IRC client. Unmatched by any other IRC programs on the Amiga or on other platforms. Chatting has never been more fun!

AmFTP by Vaporware
Graphical FTP client, builtin Aminet download tool, archie support, site profiles. AmFTP is the tool of choice when hunting for files on the Internet.

AmTalk by Vaporware
GUI talk client, easy to use interface, multithreaded, builtin address lists and answering machine, locate function, history, sound support, etc.

MicroDot II by Vaporware
Internet mail & news reader whith many nice features. Very easy to use!

Miami by Holger Kruse
Internet in a box. GUI based TCP/IP stack with builtin SLIP/PPP support. Very easy to configure and to use.

AmiWin by Holger Kruse
Amiga X11R6 'X-Windows-System' emulation package.

NetConnect by Active Software
This collection of registered Vaporware products and additional tools allows easy Internet connectivity.

Commercial Applications
Digital Universe by Syzygy Inc.
Sky simulation software with an unlimited number of features.

WCS by Questar
World Construction Set, famous and ultra-fast raytracer.

Impact! by Dynamic Realties
3D rendering and physics simulation by Dynamic Realties.

DrawStudio by Graham + Andy Dean
Structured drawing, illustration and presentation package.

Utility Programs
MCP by Stefan Sommerfeld und Michael Knoke
Multi purpose commodity, enhances Amigas with all those nifty workstation features.

RO by Oliver Rummeyer
Directory manager with lots of configuration options.

Scout by Andreas Gelhausen
System analyzer with unmatched number of features.

These were just a few popular MUI applications, a more complete list that holds most MUI programs ever released is also available. If you have any suggestions or additions for this list, please contact MUI's author.

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