MUI's modern concepts in user interface design allow an almost unlimited number of features. Just a few of them are listed below. Please keep in mind that all those poweful possibilities are available for every MUI application automatically. No extra work for programmers is involved.

The look of MUI programs can be influenced in a wide variety of ways, including different fonts, frames, colors, gadget types, backgrounds, etc. Countless possibilities are either offered through a global preferences program or can be made local for certain applications.

Font Sensitivity
All user interface elements automatically adapt to different fonts, regardless if they're proportional or monospaced. Window sizes and gadget layouts change accordingly.

Screen Sensitivity
MUI applications run on any screen, from ancient but still frequently used 640x200 resolutions in 4 colors up to state-of-the-art 1600x1200 pixel truecolor displays.

Window Flexibility
All MUI windows are resizable, allowing users to select anything between a tight, space saving and a more clear but also more space consuming layout. User interface elements adapt their sizes intelligently, leaving more room for important information. Furthermore, MUI remembers sizes and positions of all its windows either permanently or on a per session basis. Thus, users will always receive their preferred window setup when starting applications.

Graphicsboard support (RTG)
Support of different graphic boards is already implemented in MUI. All applications benefit automatically from increased pixel and color resolution and greater speed. Even truecolor displays are possible, GUIs have never been more attractive.

Keyboard control
MUI automatically implements keyboard support for all its gadgets which goes far beyond the well-known shortcuts offered by the operating system. Application control is (comfortably!) possible without touching the mouse at all. Of course, keyboard control can be customized to reflect a users preferences.

Known from other operating systems are features to temporarily iconify programs to cleanup the desktop for different things. MUI brings this ability to the Amiga platform, allowing applications to be iconified at any time.

Automatic Updates
Every MUI application automatically benefits from new MUI releases, either because the functionality or outfit of some gadgets was improved or because the speed increased. Since MUI is distributed as shared libraries, enhancements are available immediately to all programs.

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