MUI's configurability is unmatched by any other user interface tool on the Amiga or on different platforms. This power results from the major philosophy behind MUI, to be as easy to use as possible for programmers and as flexible as possible for users. MUI applications contain almost no information about the look of a GUI, they just implement the functionality. The actual appearance is completely under user control.

The following pages are intended to give a few impressions about the possibilities offered by MUI and its applications. A big thanks must go to all participating exhibitors. Keep up your good work guys!


Stefan Stuntz
Berend Ozceri
Jure Vrhovnik
Oliver Wagner
Ronnie Jensen
Barbarian Bohl
Carlos Dagnone

If you think your MUI configuration is worth to be shown to the public, you may become an exhibitor yourself. Just make some nice arrangements of some of your MUI applications and send the snapshots uuencoded to Neither the dimensions nor the format is important, 640x400x3bit ILBMs are as welcome as 1600x1200x24bit JPEGs.

Please note that by supplying your snapshots, you agree that they can be included in electronic media (e.g. WWW pages, MUI collection CDs) or in print media (e.g. articles in computer magazines).

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