MUI - MagicUserInterface

                (c) Copyright 1992-97 by Stefan Stuntz

        This file describes all changes since version 1.0 of MUI


Version 3.8 (12-Feb-97)                       (muimaster.library V19.35)


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Changes for users:

- When tab-cycling through objects of a virtual group, MUI tries to
  ensure that the surrounding active object frame is always visible.

- Added a little gimmick for registered users (OS 3.x required): Take a
  digitized picture of yourself (approximately 80x100 pixels in size)
  and copy it to "MUI:user.pic". MUI's preferences will then become a
  little more personal :). Note that you can use any graphics format
  (ilbm, gif, jpeg, etc) as long as you have a datatype to read it. In
  other words: if you can view it with Multiview, MUI can display it
  too. Take care that the picture is not too big, otherwise MUI might
  fail to open the prefs window. Thanks again for supporting MUI and the

- Included new catalogs:
    Portuguese by Fernando Nunes and Alexandre Gabriel
    Spanish by Pedro Luis Mieza and Juan Antonio Ramirez

- Translations of PSI were still messed up. All catalog related problems
  should finally be fixed now.

- Fixed a few more bugs concerning the appearance and refresh of help

- Fixed a possible deadlock that could occur when balancing objects were
  used in certain combinations.

- Balancing could accidently mess up the display of active object frames.

- Implemented keyboard control for balance objects.

Changes for programmers:

- Reduced stack usage a little. Note well: this is no excuse for lazy
  programmers! As mentioned in the MUI developer docs, the default stack
  size of 4k is not enough for MUI programs! 8k is an acceptable
  minimum. If you do not pay attention to this, your programs will
  crash sooner or later!

- MUIA_Gauge_InfoText is now also possible for vertical gauge objects.

- Made MUIM_Window_Snapshot method public. See autodocs for details.

- MUI would accidently refuse to automatically move a listviews display
  to the active entry, even though the MUIA_List_AutoJump flag was set.

Version 3.7tu1 (30-Jan-97)


...just a few quick fixes...

- Listtree classes could crash under certain circumstances. This bug
  affected MUI's preferences as well as other applications, eg IBrowse.
  They should run well again with this fix.

- MUI would sometimes render a listview's contents outside of its box.

- PSI understands the new language catalogs.

- MUI's about window gives credit to the translators of the current

Version 3.7 (24-Jan-97)                      (muimaster.library V18.174)


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Changes for users:

- Included translations for many different languages. Many thanks to
  the Amiga Translators Organisation and it's members for making this
    Swedish      Kristoffer Larsson, Mattias Gustafsson
    Greek        Pantelis Kopelias, Manos Konstantiniadis
    French       Georges Goncalves, Francis Labrie, Jérôme Fleury
    Catalian     Llorenç Grau, Esteve Boix
    Danish       Niels Bache, Bjarke Vangsgaard
    Finnish      Jan Karjalainen, Mika Lundell
    Polish       Konrad Dubiel, Marcin Orlowski
    Czech        Pavel Bures, Radovan Drazny
    Italian      Vincenzo Gervasi, Mario Dell'Oca
    Netherlands  Frank Mosch, Jeroen Steenblik

- Fixed a few minor problems with the appearance of help bubbles.

- Context menus were inaccessible in windows without other MUI objects.

- Window popup menu entries for snapshot/unsnapshot no longer appear on
  windows without this capability.

- Increased stack size of mui preferences. The previous versions stack
  was a little too small which sometimes caused MUI to crash.

- Recompilation with SAS-C 6.57 fixes potential problems with
  060 processors.

- Improved middle mouse button scrolling in virtual groups. Holding 
  shift enhances speed by 2, control by 4 and alt by 8.

- Fixed enforcer hit in volumelist class.

- The MUI window popup menu now works even if there are string gadgets

Changes for programmers:

- Using an empty string (not a NULL pointer!) as title for
  a popup menu will result in a titleless popup menu.

- Fixed MUIA_Window_AltLeftEdge/TopEdge/Width/Height attributes.

- Fixed misbehaviour when input/eventhandlers were added/removed
  from inbetween other input/eventhandlers.

- Fixed a problem when input & eventhandlers were modified from within
  other input & eventhandlers.

- Improved performance of MUIM_Group_Init/ExitChange in windows with
  many objects.

- If you call MUIM_Application_ShowHelp with a NULL filename, MUI will
  use the contents of MUIA_Application_HelpFile instead.

- If you call MUIM_Application_ShowHelp with (Object *)0xffffffff as
  window reference object, MUI will use the first open child window of
  an application as reference for a display screen automatically.

- Implemented MUIM_Create/DeleteBubble methods (area class) to allow
  programmer controlled bubble appearance. Useful e.g. for indicating
  error conditions on data entry forms.

Version 3.6 (20-Aug-96)                       (muimaster.library V17.63)


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Changes for users:

- Fixed another bug with string gadget activation/deactivation which
  might have caused possible crashes of web browsers.

- Included a listview that shows versions of MUI custom classes in the
  MUI about window.

Changes for programmers:

- Replaced the outdated custom class example Userdata.mcc by a more
  uptodate custom class. This one also shows how to handle preferences
  for custom classes.

- Fixed a bug that resulted in waiting for wrong signals when an input
  handler with timer was used.

Version 3.5 (26-Jul-96)                      (muimaster.library V16.160)


NOTES: More support and information is available from the official
       MUI web site. Please visit us at http://www.sasg.com/

       This version was not released to the public, it was only
       distributed with the web browser IBrowse from Omnipresence.

Changes for users:

- Rewrote installer script. It will correctly update older MUI
  distributions now instead of just renaming away the previous
  directory. This allows additional classes and images to remain
  installed after a MUI update.

- Fixed background rendering bug on cybergfx hi/truecolor screens.

- Fixed possible crash when disposing active string gadgets.

- Fixed positioning of window border scrollers after uniconfiy.

- Fixed version numbers of german catalog.

- Included builtin menu rendering for popup menus. Popups will
  always appear above the corresponding gadget now instead of
  relying on external patches for correct positioning.

- Fixed refresh of gadgets in virtual groups, i.e. browser

- Fixed rendering problems when TABbing away from a selected gadget.

- Controlling radio buttons is possible by clicking on the text
  labels as well as on the actual buttons.

- Fixed major bug that lead to confused gadget appearance when changing
  prefs on iconified applications.

- Removed a work-around for broken cybergfx picture.datatype. Note that
  you will need at least picture.datatype 43.682 if you intend to
  use background pattern on hi/truecolor cybergfx screens.

- Enhanced display speed in virtual groups, MUI based web browsers
  perform better.

Changes for programmers:

- Implemented new input event handling system for custom classes.
  This new system replaces the old and inflexible calls to
  MUI_Request/RejectIDCMP(). See autodocs of MUIM_Window_AddEventHandler
  for details.

- Improved remapping speed of bitmap class for images with more than
  4 planes. However, better use datatypes (V43) to remap big images
  instead of MUIs bitmap class.

- MUIM_List_Clear no longer hides a lists title.

- Setting MUIA_Draggable and MUIA_xxxWeight for group objects is no
  longer forwarded to children.

- Fixed enforcer hit when dragging listview items with custom imagery.

- Fixed mungwall hit when string gadget were set to contents bigger
  than their maximum length.

- Implemented MUIM_KillNotifyObj. See autodocs for details.

- Custom classes are also looked for and found in PRODGIR:mui/ now.

- MUI automatically falls back to traditional scrollers when window
  border scrollers were chosen but not available for some reasons,
  e.g. because the proper Window class attributes were not specified
  or the muiwinscroller.class is missing.

- Support for NM_COMMANDSTRING menus in MUI_MakeObject(MUIO_MenuItem)
  call. Also implemented MUIA_Menuitem_CommandString attributed for
  Menuitem class. See autodocs for details.

- Implemented MUIA_Scrollgroup_HorizBar and MUIA_Scrollgroup_VertBar
  attributes to access the scrollbars of a scrollgroup.

Version 3.4 (01-Mar-96)                      (muimaster.library V15.93 )

* non-published internal release *

Version 3.3 (22-Feb-96)                      (muimaster.library V14.106)


Changes for users:

- Help bubbles no longer block an application.

- Fixed refresh bug of prop gadgets in virtual groups.

- Fixed ARexx command INFO SCREEN.

- MUI could crash after disposing an application when ARexx was used.

- Fixed refresh of color wheels.

- Fixed crash when using Coloradjust objects with Kick 2.x.

- Fixed double redraw after window resize.

Changes for programmers:

- Implemented MUIM_Application_AboutMUI,refwindow method to show MUIs
  about window. Please include an "About MUI..." menu item in all your

- MUIA_String_Contents notification did not work on
  AMIGA-X/C/V etc. string gadget clipboard hotkeys.

- Implemented MUIV_Listview_ScrollerPos_None to create listviews
  without am attached scrollbar. You can create a scrollbar object,
  place it anywhere in your window and connect it to the list (not
  listview!) through notification. See autodocs of
  MUIA_Listview_ScrollerPos for details.

- Fixed strange menu item return ID reports.

- Menuclass would not allow to set MUIA_Menu_Title. Instead, it
  accidently checked for MUIA_Menuitem_Title. Now, it recognizes
  both tags.

- Menu objects and Menuitem objects did not correctly update the
  current menustrip when certain attributes (e.g. the title) were

- Creating Application objects without MUIA_Application_Title/Base/...
  lead to very strange behaviour. Now, the application simply names
  itself "UNNAMED".

- MUI_DisposeObject(NULL) would accidently crash the machine although
  being documented as doing nothing.

 NOTE: I strongly suggest to subscribe to the MUI mailing list. Only
 here is the place to ask questions and make suggestions. Programming
 serious MUI applications without support on this mailing list is nearly

 To subscribe, mail to mui-request@sunsite.informatik.rwth-aachen.de
 with the single word "subscribe" (no quotes!) as subject (SUBJECT, not
 message body!). You might want to send a HELP command to the server as
 well. Thanks for your cooperation.

Version 3.2 (31-Jan-96)                      (muimaster.library V13.686)


Changes for users:

- Rewrote some small critical parts in Assembler, MUI 3.2 should run
  significantly faster than previous versions.

- Enhanced listview scrolling speed.

- Created custom root class which uses memory pools to allocate
  objects. Reduces memory fragmentation and speeds up object
  creation about 100%.

- Optmizied scrolling in virtual groups.

- Numeric buttons didn't draw their disabled state.

- Implemented keyboard control for scrollgroups.

- Implemented presets for Coloradjust objects. Presets are read
  from mui:Presets/rgb.txt.

- Fixed 16 bytes memory leak.

- Fixed redrawing of prop gadgets.

- Fixed prop gadgets in listviews with lots of entries.

- Enhanced positioning of help bubble.

- Help bubbles and Drag&Drop messed up the display if CyberGraphX was
  installed and the used screen was an ECS/AGA display mode with
  interleaved bitmaps. Note well: If your bubbles are broken on
  CyberGraphX screenmodes, be sure to use the *latest* version of
  CyberGraphX from aminet.

- Rewrote PSI palette handling completely. Should be much easier to
  use now. Included color presets as popup menus on the color page.

- Heavily reduced memory usage of string objects, optimized overall
  memory consumption.

Changes for programmers:

- Implemented MUIA_List_PuddleSize, MUIA_List_ThreshSize and
  MUIA_List_MemPool to control the pool created by a list object.

- Implemented scroll gadgets in window borders. See autodocs
  of MUIA_Window_UseLeftBorderScroller, MUIA_Window_UseRightBorderScroller,
  MUIA_Window_UseBottomBorderScroller and
  MUIA_Prop_UseWinBorder, MUIA_Scrollgroup_UseWinBorder
  for details.

- Implemented MUIM_Pendisplay_SetXXX methods to adjust defaults
  of a pendisplay object.

- Implememted a timer in application class. See TIMER section
  of MUIM_Application_AddInputHandler for details.

- Implemented MUIA_Application_WindowList. Getting this attribute
  returns a pointer to a struct List which contains an applications
  child windows. Use intuition.library/NextObject() to parse.

- Fixed get() of MUIA_Application_ForceQuit.

- Fixed MUIA_Text_HiChar with bold & italic texts.

- Fixed \033I[2,rrrrrrrr,gggggggg,bbbbbbbb] display bug which was
  introduced in MUI 3.1.

- Reimplemented MUIA_Slider_Quiet.

- Implemented ESC P escape sequence to change pen for text strings.
  Usage is like "This is \33P[17]color 17". Be sure to ObtainPen()
  pens used like this.

- Fixed bug when bubbles or popup menus were used on windows
  which's root object was not a group class object. Note that since MUI
  plays some special tricks here, it is generally better to have the
  root object of a window be a simple group class anyway. If you dont
  need such a group in your window, use
  MUIA_Window_RootObject, VGroup, Child, MyObj, End
  instead of
  MUIA_Window_RootObject, MyObj

- Fixed MUIM_Application_ShowHelp with V39 AmigaGuide library and
  different help files.

- Fixed a very bad bug introduced in 3.1 that made applications crash
  when MUIA_ShowMe was used on objects who's parent was the windows
  root object.

- When an object is dropped somewhere outside a valid container,
  the application object will receive a MUIM_DragDrop method. This
  allows programs to take actions when MUI objects are e.g.
  dropped on the Workbench.

- Fixed coordinate parameters of MUIM_DragDrop.

- Fixed OM_GET for MUIA_String_BufferPos and MUIA_String_DispPos.

- MUI 3.1 would accidently reopen windows which were closed during
  an applications iconified state.

- Improved behaviour of MUIM_Application_Save/Load. You can override
  the new methods MUIM_Export and MUIM_Import to export/import custom
  data from your custom classes.

- Implemented MUIA_FillArea to avoid flickering when drawing custom classes.

Version 3.1 (21-Nov-95)                      (muimaster.library V12.268)


This is a major update. Please look at the information texts
in the preferences program for information on how to update your

Note: Almost everything in MUI changed, so this time, the changes
section does not describe everything in detail but is just like a
short overview.

Changes for users:

- To find a compromise between flexibility and resource usage, MUI 3
  uses a completely new memory management concept. A lot of extra
  features which are not necessarily needed to run applications have
  been moved into external libraries. Most of these libraries are not
  even loaded if MUI runs with its default settings. With this new
  memory management, users have the the ability to control MUIs memory
  usage by using appropriate configurations.

- MUI's speed has increased considerably compared with earlier versions.
  This speedup depends on the machine MUI is running on: the slower the
  Amiga, the more noticeable is the speed increase. Especially drawing
  of GUI elements on ECS/AGA machines is a lot faster now due to a new
  way of rendering. Even if a 7 MHz computer still can't be considered as
  an optimum MUI platform, applications should perform a lot better now.

- The slow and bulky preferences system was completely rewritten, the
  new way of handling settings is a lot clearer and more straight
  forward. An applications local configuration is no longer adjusted
  from the global preferences editor. Instead, all MUI applications
  offer a way to open their private MUI settings window. This makes MUI
  look more like an integral part of a program. Furthermore, the
  settings windows are better structurized and offer easier access to
  all configuration option.

- Public screen handling moved to an external program called "PSI"
  (Public Screen Inspector). PSI fixes all known bugs of MUI 2.x
  screens, is more easy to use and offers a few new features.
  Furthermore, PSI can also be used independantly as screen manager for
  non-MUI programs.

- All accompanying MUI programs make extensive use of brandnew MUI 3
  programming features like dynamic object creations, balancing groups,
  popup menus, Drag&Drop or Help bubbles. All those things have been
  available on other operating systems for a long time, its about time
  to get them to the Amiga.

Changes for programmers:

- Added so called "input handlers" which allow custom classes to
  directly react on signal bits. See MUIM_AddInputHandler for details.

- You are encouraged to include a Settings/MUI... menu in your
  application that does nothing but simply send a
  MUIM_Application_OpenConfigWindow to your application object (see

- Implemented context sensitive popup menus. See autodocs of
  MUIA_ContextMenu for details.

- Implemented custom layout groups. Positioning of children is
  completely under programmers control. See new demo CustomLayout and
  autodocs of MUIA_Group_LayoutHook for details.

- Changed layout behaviour of virtual groups. This should makes them
  much more useful, especially together with the new custom layout
  hooks. Performance was also increased. See autodocs of Virtgroup class
  and Scrollgroup class for details.

- Implemented a Poppen class and new muimaster.library functions
  MUI_ObtainPen() and MUI_ReleasePen(). Use this if your application
  needs custom pens. See autodocs and demo Class2.c for details.

- Improved notification on MUIA_Window_InputEvent. See autodocs for

- Fixed protection bits in dirlist objects MUIM_Dirlist_GetEntry.

- Implemented help bubbles. See MUIA_ShortHelp for details.

- Implemented MUIA_Parent attribute to ask an object about its parent

- Included full source code of the new screen manager for educational
  purposes. This little tool shows how to write good MUI programs. It
  demonstrates several kinds of sub classes (windows, groups, lists),
  drag & drop handling, dynamic object creation & linking, multi
  threading, localization, help bubbles and much more. The screen
  manager acts as a kind of standard MUI application, you can find lots
  of important techniques and guidelines of MUI programming here. Forget
  about the other demos, if you want to learn something, take the screen
  manager. I want all of you to have a close look at the source and
  drop your old-fashioned way of "ReturnID"-programming immediately.
  It's time to get real object-oriented NOW! Don't be afraid of sub
  classes, there isn't anything easier to work with.

- Implemented "disappearing" objects. Whenever a window is too small,
  these objects are simply left out during layout calculations according
  to their disappear level. This allows creation of complex and nice
  GUIs while still remaining compatible with crappy 640x200 screens. See
  autodocs of MUIA_HorizDisappear and MUIA_VertDisappear for details.

- Implemented "balancing" groups. See the Balancing demo and the
  autodocs of the new BalanceClass for details.

- Implemented MUIM_Application_CheckRefresh method. You should call it
  e.g. from IntuiMsgHooks of ASL-Requesters to ensure correct refreshing
  of simple refresh type MUI windows. See autodocs and screen manager
  source code for details.

- Implemented possibility to add objects to groups dynamically. See
  autodocs of MUIM_Group_InitChange & MUIM_Group_ExitChange and screen
  manager source code for details.

- Included simple brush2c program to help creating input for MUI's
  Bitmap class. Source can be found in "MUI/Developer/C/Examples/",
  usage examples are included in the screen manager's source code.

- Included classes to display tree structures.

- Introduced a new cycle chain system. All you have to do is to set
  MUIA_CycleChain to 1 for every object that you want to have in your
  chain, MUI does the rest automatically. The old
  MUIM_Window_SetCycleChain will continue to work but is considered

- Implemented possibility to have custom builtin images in listviews.
  No more need for external image files and other rubbish in your
  applications. See psi.c ScreenList class and autodocs of
  MUIM_List_CreateImage for details.

- Implemented full Drag&Drop facilities for all MUI objects. See
  autodocs of MUIM_Drag#? in area class for details.

- Added a few new good-looking classes like level displays and turning
  knobs. See slidorama demo for details.

- Rearranged class tree for slider-like classes that adjust numeric
  values. See autodocs of numeric class and its subclasses for details.

- Implemented MUIM_Application_NewInput to improve behaviour of input
  loops. MUIM_Application_Input will continue to work but is considered

- Implemented vertical bars in listviews with BAR/S switch for
  MUIA_List_Format. See autodocs for details.

Version 3.0 (10-Nov-95)                     (muimaster.library V11.3512)

This was a special Computer 95 release and is not further documented.

Version 2.3  (24-Dec-94)                      (muimaster.library V10.33)


Sorry, this update is a little smaller than usual. The reason is
simple, I was on a long holiday trip during the last months. :-)

Changes for users:

- Online help works again (but only synchronous) for 2.x systems.

- Improved smooth scrolling for listviews with many entries.

- Prefs program fits on an NTSC 640x200 screen with topaz/8.

- Popup hotkey is filtered in string gadget input.

Changes for programmers:

- MUIA_String_MaxLen is gettable.

- MUIA_ControlChar works for listview class.

- Dirlist object returns correct file dates.

- MUIA_Dirlist_Directory is get()able.

- Implemented MUIA_Window_MouseObject & MUIA_Window_NeedsMouseObject
  attributes for immediate online help. See autodocs & Settings demo
  for details.

- Added some support for the GCC compiler (include/inline/muimaster.h).

- Implemented MUIA_Listview_ScrollerPos tag to specify the position of
  the scrollbar in a listview.

- Fixed some problems with string gadgets and attached lists.

- Implemented MUIA_Application_UseRexx/UseCommodities attributes.
  Set to FALSE to disable the builtin ARexx/Commodities handling.
  Don't do this unless you have a very good reason!

- Boopsi objects in virtual groups are handled like string gadgets,
  they only appear when they're completely visible.

- Implemented MUIV_Notify_Self, MUIV_Notify_Window and
  MUIV_Notify_Application special values to simplify notification
  mechanism. See autodocs of notify class (MUIM_Notify) for details.

- Note: If you have questions or suggestions about MUI, please do
  *not* ask me directly. Write to the MUI mailing list instead:
  To subscribe, send mail to listserv@taloa.unice.fr with
  an empty subject and a line containing the magic words
  SUB mui Your Name

Version 2.2  (08-Aug-94)                       (muimaster.library V9.80)


Changes for users:

- There were some misunderstandings about SASG update rules. Unless
  otherwise stated, all MUI updates are MINOR SASG UPDATES, i.e.
  you are not required to update your keyfile. Major updates (maybe
  one at the end of this year) will be specifically announced and
  the MUI prefs program will tell you about it.

- When starting two or more MUI applications at the same time, there
  was a chance that the keyfile was not recognized correctly.

- Fixed some installation script problems.

- Fixed a possible crash in the registration program.

- MUI 2.1 was accidently documented to require OS 2.1, that's of
  course a documentation bug. MUI continues to run with 2.0.

- The serial number of a registered user is displayed in the prefs
  programs about window.

- Because the MUI 2.1 default settings for HalfShine and HalfShadow
  pen caused some confusion, they are back to standard MagicWB
  rules (color n-4 and n-3) again.

- Fixed a bug in coloradjust class which caused wrong public screen
  colors with V37.

- AmigaGuide online help works asynchronous for all MUI applications.

- Fixed some problems of listviews in virtual groups. Unfortunately,
  some other problems are still there.

- Fixed cycle gadget lockup problem.

- Made window handling a bit more sensitive, MUI windows will now
  look correctly even with non standard system gadget sizes.

- Prefs program terminates when receving a CTRL-C signal.

- Popup objects are controllable with a configurable hotkey.
  See MUI-Prefs keyboard adjustment listview.

Changes for programmers:

- Autodocs for MUI_Redraw() didn't mention the important
  fact that calling DoSuperMethod() is always the first
  step in a custom classes MUIM_Draw method. Otherwise,
  msg->flags is not set properly.

- Result of MUI_Redraw() changed from APTR to VOID.

- AppIcon notification works again.

- Implemented one-dimension virtual groups, useful e.g. for
  button rows. See autodocs of MUIA_Scrollgroup_FreeHoriz and
  MUIA_Scrollgroup_FreeVert for details.

- Getting MUIA_Disabled didn't work in previous releases.

- MUIA_Slider_Min und MUIA_Slider_Max are settable.

- Building subclasses of MUIC_Window is possible.

- Notify on MUIA_List_Entries works.

- Implemented MUIM_List_Move method to simplify moving entries
  in a list. See autodocs for details.

- Implemented MUIA_Boopsi_Smart tag for better handling of "smart"
  Boopsi classes, i.e. the freely distributable "editor.gadget".

- Implemented MUIM_NoNotifySet method for better handling of
  bidirectional notifications (i.e. scrollbar - editorgadget).

- Implemented MUIA_List_InsertPosition to query position of
  last inserted entry.

- Implemented MUIV_List_Remove_Selected for list class remove

- Menuitem objects export & import their CHECKED state with
  MUIM_Application_Save and MUIM_Application_Load.

- It's possible to include register groups in cycle chains.

- Implemented MUIA_Popobject_WindowHook to allow adjusting
  cycle chains, default objects, etc. for popup objects.

- Programmers, please update "MUI.readme" in your distributions!

Version 2.1  (03-Jul-94)                      (muimaster.library V8.697)


I planned to have a lot more new things for V2.1. Unfortunately, time
was missing. Next versions of MUI will probably be split into a basic
muimaster.library and a muifancy.library. The fancy library will hold
all the additional features, users with low memory or slow machines may
decide to leave out this stuff. For more infos, see the "Future" file
in the developer archive.

Changes for users:

- From version 2.1 on, MUI is distributed under the rules of the SASG,
  the Standardized Amiga Shareware Group. See the accompanying program
  "Registration" for details.

- Screen preferences were not saved correctly sometimes.

- When changing the application with the preferences program,
  MUI offers the possibility to use/save changed settings.

- Sliders can be configured to have their info text at the left side.

- Listview multiselect mode was sometimes triggered accidently.

- Enhanced popup menu configuration possibilities, including
  custom background and frame settings and animated appearance.

- Removed the startup and shutdown command config options.

Changes for programmers:

- Implemented MUIV_NotTriggerValue. See autodocs of MUIM_Notify for

- Fixed some autodoc syntax bugs, added version information for every
  class and attribute.

- Implemented MUIA_Application_ForceQuit. See autodocs for details.

- Invisible or disabled objects don't trigger MUIA_AppMessage
  notification anymore.

- Fixed Dirlist class problems with short directory names.

- When MUI fails to open a window, notifications on MUIA_Window_Open
  are not triggered anymore.

- Fixed a little memory eating bug.

- Added a "often used object" collection to muimaster.library. You
  should use this collection as frequently as possible instead of
  building your own objects or using the supplied macros. See
  autodocs of MUI_MakeObject() for details.

- Simplified the creation of labels with underscore. This makes
  localization much easier. See autodocs of MUI_MakeObject()
  for details.

- Added object oriented menus. See new demo program and autodocs of
  menustrip, menu and menu item class for details.

- Controlling a slider object with keyboard accidently triggered
  notification twice.

- Fixed problems when language specific special characters were
  used as shortcut.

- Included documentation on how to write external public
  custom classes. See developer docs and new examples in
  "MUI/Developer/C/Examples/Classes" for details.

- Fixed a crash when the colorwheel.gadget was not available under V39.

- Implemented new builtin classes MUIC_Poplist, MUIC_Bitmap and
  MUIC_Bodychunk. Just a few bytes of code but very useful.

- Rewrote some critical parts of MUI in assembler.

- Fixed a problem when MUIA_ShowMe was used on groups.

- Implemented MUIA_Window_FancyDrawing for highspeed programs.

- Fixed some notification bugs for register objects.

Version 2.0  (11-Feb-94)                      (muimaster.library V7.973)

Changes for users:

- Rearranged libraries. Classes which are needed by all applications or
  which are very small are integrated in muimaster.library. Fancy and
  rarely used classes come as external files. This speeds up starting
  the first MUI application and simplifies installation procedure for
  commercial applications.

- Integration of classes increases performance significantly.

- Rearranged the prefs program completely. Major changes include
  "single application" mode, image multiselect, presets and localization.
  I cannot list all the other news here in detail, but together they should
  make adjusting preferences a lot easier.

- Included beautiful new 8 color images, patterns and button designs from
  Martin "MagicWB" Huttenloher. Give them a try!

- Fixed several screenmode requester bugs.

- Fixed problems with crazy going prop gadgets.

- Changed "active object" display. No more ugly active background but
  instead a nice extra frame will be displayed.

- Getting the name of the used public screen is possible with
  new ARexx command "info screen".

- Documented ARexx command error result codes.

Changes for programmers:

- More detailed developer documentation including information about
  writing custom classes and a MUI style guide. Read it!

- Included new demos "ClassN" to show how to implement custom

- Added the ability to specify a listview multiselect type directly.
  See MUIA_Listview_MultiSelect attribute for details.

- The MUIA_ShowMe attribute can be used to hide objects. Using this
  attribute is even possible in open windows, hiding object will
  then cause a new layout to take place. When necessary, the parent
  window will be resized automatically. Included new demo program

- Implemented popstring, popasl, popobject classes for asynchronous
  popups. popasl class is the recommended way to include file/font/etc.
  requesters. Included new demo program "Popup" to demonstrate the new
  popup classes.

- Added a register class. No, this is not for registrating your MUI,
  its used to create flexible titled page groups. See the prefs
  program and the pages demo for details.

- Added the ability to specify a listview multiselect type directly.
  See MUIA_Listview_MultiSelect attribute for details.

- Implemented MUIM_List_InsertSingle method.

- Multiline entries ("foo\nbar") in a cycle gadget were not handled

- Implemented MUIA_Rectangle_HBar and MUIA_Rectangle_VBar to create
  nice single border lines.

- Implemented MUIM_MultiSet method, MUIA_NoNotify attribute and
  MUIM_KillNotify method for notify class.

- Implemented MUIA_Gauge_InfoText attribute.

- Implemented MUIA_Listview_ClickColumn, MUIA_Listview_DefClickColumn.

- Fixed problem with MUIA_Application_Iconified notification.

- Implemented MUIV_List_Select_All for MUIM_List_Select method.

- Fixed some problems with sleeping windows and applications.

- MUIA_List_First and MUIA_List_Visible are really get()able.

- Fixed a problem with keyboard control for MUIA_Slider_Quiet sliders,
  implemented MUIA_Slider_Reverse tag.

- Tag value and documentation for MUIA_List_Title attribute was

- Specifying images with "1:x" never worked, use "6:x" instead.
  See MUIA_Image_Spec for details.

- MUI_Request() gadgets may contain '_' characters to indicate keyboard

- Implemented MUIA_Application_RexxHook.

- Implemented MUIA_String_EditHook.

Version 1.4  (27-Oct-93)                      (muimaster.library V6.435)

From V1.4 on, MUI is distributed in two separate archives:
  muiXXusr.lha - libraries, classes, demos, user documentation.
  muiXXdev.lha - programmer interfaces and programmer documentation.

Changes for users:

- Important Note:
  Due to some enhancements in image processing, registered users will
  have to readjust their image settings. Otherwise some images might
  not be visible!

- I accept every currency for registration now. Please read the
  registration section of the manual for details.

- Rearranged preferences program. Instead of many different windows,
  page groups are used and should make things a lot easier.

- Implemented palette gadget for public screens.

- Added the possibility to use an RGB color as image (V39 and above).

- Implemented background pattern for screens (V39 and above).

- Background pictures allocate their colors correctly (V39 and above).

- Gauge frame and radio button spacing didn't work.

- Reduced flicker when resizing a window with a fancy background.

- Added configuration switch for window redraw type. Possible settings
  are fast/ugly and slow/nice. Defaults to fast/ugly, which isn't really
  really ugly but maybe faster.

- Added special screen type to address the frontmost public screen.

- Speeded up first drawing of a window.

- Fixed some simple refresh problems with page groups.

- Iconify Gadget wasn't visible on a one plane display.

- Improved text rendering speed about 20% (maybe even more if you have
  some data cache).

- Made cycle popups blazingly fast and more configurable (frame setting).

- One gadget requesters can always be answered with the [Press] key.

- Two gadget requesters can always be answered with 'y' for the left
  and 'n' for the right gadget.

- Requester buttons sometimes were layouted with no intermediate

- Scrolling a partially obscured listview in a simple refresh window
  would create some pixel garbage.

- Reasonably speeded up listview drawing, cursor handling and multi
  selecting. Together with keyboard scrolling, display is even faster
  if a listview's height is exactly a multiple of its line height.

- Implemented configuration switch for full line listviews. These
  listviews won't show incomplete lines are and are somewhat
  faster. Default are full line listviews.

- Fixed some public screen open and close problems.

- Tab size in floattext class was handled wrong.

- Eliminated first and last line flicker when scrolling listviews.

- Rearranged and rewrote parts of the documentation.

- Please read the manuals "Discussion" section before reporting
  any problems!

Changes for programmers:

- Attention... very powerful feature... :-)
  Implemented virtual (scrolling) groups. Included new program
  "Virtual" for demonstration.

- New color oriented classes: Colorfield, Coloradjust, Palette.

- Fixed vertical slider problem.

- Trying to create an object from a non existing class caused an
  enforcer hit.

- Enabling a group containing prop/string gadgets didn't really enable
  the gadgets.

- Implemented MUIM_WriteString and MUIM_WriteLong methods for easy
  structure updating.

- Implemented MUIA_ControlChar for slider objects.

- MUIA_Group_ActivePage didn't trigger notification.

- Fixed some minor text engine bugs.

- During the execution of a MUIM_CallHook in a notify method,
  other MUI tasks were locked.

- Implemented MUIA_Version and MUIA_Revision attributes to allow
  version checking for applications.

- The number of the current entry is passed to a list display
  hook as additional parameter.

- Setting a boopsi gadgets attributes didn't cause a display update.

- Setting MUIA_Background wouldn't always update the display.

- Children of MUIA_Group_SameXXXX groups could accidently be enlarged
  beyond their maximum size.

- Implemented MUIA_Application_BrokerPri attribute.

- Implemented MUIA_Application_BrokerPort attribute. This port can
  e.g. be used to add additional HotKeys with the HotKey() amiga.lib

- Recognizing a press/release of a prop gadget is possible by
  listening to the MUIA_Prop_Pressed attribute.

- Adding and removing members of groups could accidently change
  the groups orientation.

- Implemented some new standard images concerning tape deck and network

- MUIM_Application_Get/SetMenuCheck didn't work.

- Some Modula and Oberon interface changes.

- Implemented MUIA_Slider_Quiet tag to hide the number output.

- Implemented MUIA_Dirlist_MultiSelDirs attribute.

- Implemented MUIA_Window_PublicScreen tag to force opening windows
  on certain public screens.

- Implemented MUIM_List_NextSelected to help stepping through selected
  entries of a list.

- Implemented MUIA_List_Title attribute to support titles for
  (multi columned) lists.

- MUIA_List_Active wasn't reported during a MUIM_List_Clear.

- MUIA_List_Active was reported twice during a MUIM_List_Remove.

- MUIA_Boopsi_Object didn't trigger notification.

- Implemented default sizes for all classes. New windows will
  be opened using these default sizes instead of

- Menu multi select didn't work.

- Autodocs are alphabetically sorted now.

Version 1.3  (29-Aug-93)                      (muimaster.library V5.141)

- MUIA_String_Secret string gadgets crashed on an 68000.

- Corrected assembler includes.

- Fixed bug with MUIA_Window_ActiveObject.

Version 1.2  (28-Aug-93)                      (muimaster.library V5.140)

- Fixed enforcer hits in ARexx HELP command.

- Setting MUIA_Background did not refresh the display.

- Added validity check on key description strings in prefs program.

- Initializing string or prop gadgets with MUIA_Disabled didn't really
  disable the gadget.

- Fixed some sync problems with MUIA_String_Integer.

- Menu checkmarks would disappear when a window was closed and reopened.

- Specifying a non existing font caused windows to disappear.

- Included Manx, Assembler, Modula, Oberon and Amiga-E interfaces.

- Implemented MUIA_Window_Screen attribute. This allows opening a
  MUI window on an explicitly defined intuition screen.

- Rewrote the image caching mechanism. This should fix some bugs
  and system crashes with non existing external image files.

- Fixed a bad bug that could trash the stack under certain

- MUIA_Selected didn't work at object creation time.

- Better MOUSEMOVE and INTUITICKS handling to improve performance.

- Using simple refresh windows would sometimes freeze the system.

- Attention... very powerful feature... :-)
  Implemented two new attributes for group class:
  MUIA_Group_PageMode   (TRUE/FALSE)      this group is a page group.
  MUIA_Group_ActivePage (0...numchilds-1) this child shall be displayed.
  Page groups always show exactly one of their childs. The number of
  this child can be changed dynamically, even in an open window.
  New demo "Pages" demonstrates the new page groups.

- Included AppWindow support. See MUIA_Window_AppWindow,
  MUIA_Application_DropObject and MUIA_AppMessage for details.
  New demo "AppWindow" for demonstration.

- Bumped version number of all libs to 5. You must not mix MUI
  classes and libraries with different version numbers, this
  will lead into problems. Revision numbers are uncritical.
  Note: This does not affect applications. They will of course
  work with all MUI releases, as long as all version numbers
  are identical.

- Included version number checking. MUI will refuse to open
  classes when the class version doesn't match the master
  library. Note: when I'm sure about internal class communication
  (maybe in a few months...), this check will become obsolete.

Version 1.1  (15-Aug-93)                       (muimaster.library V4.58)

- Removed a remaining serial debug output.

- Corrected installation script for 2.x systems.

- Corrected HELP: assign of "StartMeFirst" script.

- Corrected some autodocs and header file bugs.

- Added system configuration switch to adjust window refresh
  type, possibilities are simple refresh and smart refresh.

- Made some changes to the Oberon interface.

- String gadgets with an invisible font ate some bytes of memory.

- Fixed some bugs with failing boopsi images.

- Some minor changes to some of the demo programs.

- Speeded object creation about 10%.

- For boopsi image implementors: boopsi images now have the ability
  to specify a desired minimum and maximum size. See "mui.h"
  for details.

- Implemented MUIA_Window_DefaultObject attribute. See autodocs
  for details.

- Added some new boopsi images.

- Implemented MUIA_ControlChar for radio buttons. Pressing
  the control char will activate the next (shift -> previous)
  radio button element.

- Implemented MUIA_ControlChar for string gadgets. Pressing
  the control char will activate the gadget.

- Added some more keyboard shortcuts to the prefs program.

- Minimum width for MUIA_Window_SizeRight windows was calculated wrong.

- Last characters of some text fields were not displayed with
  certain fonts.

Version 1.0  (08-Aug-93)                        (muimaster.library V4.4)

- Initial Release.

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