Magic User Interface
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"The most popular Amiga shareware program ever!"
(Amiga Computing, May 96)

Welcome to MUI's official homepage. We invite you to explore the spirit and magic of this software, please feel free to walk around and have a look at the different support areas. Read about latest news and hot stuff, retrieve detailed information and documentation, download MUI itself and 3rd party MUI software, enjoy the authors extras and gimmicks and register MUI online!.

MUI is an object oriented system to create and maintain graphical user interfaces. Programmers save a great amount of work and benefit from MUI's powerful object collection, users get the possibility to customize nearly every pixel of an applications look according to their personal taste. During the last years, MUI has established itself as a standard for graphical user interfaces on the Amiga. Since its first release in 1993, lots of experienced programmers have contributed to the success by releasing hundreds of MUI based applications.

MUI's main goal is to provide your Amiga system with a flexibility and configurability unmatched by any other computer platform. Follow the links below to learn more about the numerous possibilities that MUI has to offer. If you like what you see, please consider to register MUI to help the author develop future versions and make the Amiga stay the best-looking machine on earth.

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