MUI is a rather new system that is constantly under development. New features are added almost daily and while there's lots of programming documentation and example programs, a more uptodate information resource is necessary. For this reason, we set up the MUI mailing list.

Here, experienced users and developers are discussing basic programming issues, latest features, necessary enhancements and anything else related to MUI. The mailing list is the right place for talking about MUI, regardless whether you just want to get some help with your first MUI program or if you'd like to discuss advanced topics like distributing public custom classes. Please try to post all your questions about MUI programming to the list instead of asking MUI's author directly. You can meet many experienced programmers there who are willing to help.

Even if you don't have questions or problems with MUI, subscription to the mailing list is a must for every serious programmer. Important information about MUI programming guidelines are posted and discussed here, reading it helps you to avoid compatibility problems with older MUI versions or future MUI upgrades.

The mailing list runs on a server from yahoo, the language of discussion is english. To read/subscribe, check out

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