This page is dedicated to 3rd party MUI developers who offer some interesting information or toolkits concerning MUI programming. Many thanks for your support and keep up your good work guys!

Jason Birch
offers a very interesting project: MUI2C is sort of a C language pre-compiler which makes creating custom classes and object oriented MUI applications a lot easier.

Klaus Melchior
is managing custom class registration and also wrote a couple of very useful classes (e.g. Listtree.mcc) himself.

Ellis Pritchard
is developing a system for storing/restoring objects to/from streams (eg AmigaDOS files). He called his work BOS (Boopsi Object Streams) and the product looks as if it could simplify lots of tasks concering the work with object oriented MUI programs.

Eric Totel
is the author of the famous MUI-Builder, a GUI oriented construction toolkit for MUI programs.

Stephen Vermeulen
is a longtime MUI developer and has collected much of his experience and some interesting tips on his MUI pages.

Maik Schreiber
has written a nice example about object oriented MUI programming. OOPExample also shows how to use MUI from different C compilers such as SAS/C, MaxonC++, StormC, Dice C or GNU C.

If you also offer some MUI development information or tools that you feel should be mentioned here, please don't hesitate to contact MUI's author.

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