We are proud to announce a new type of cooperation in the Amiga shareware scene. SASG International now works closely together with Vaporware, a company famous for it's numerous high quality Internet applications. Their software includes the web browser Voyager, the irc client AmIRC, the ftp/adt/archie utility AmFTP or the new telnet client AmTelnet. All these products are based on MUI, the Amiga's object oriented standard system for graphical user interfaces.

As a special bonus for Vaporware customers and supporters of the Amiga shareware scene, we now offer you a ...

20% discount on MUI registrations

... if you're already registered for a Vaporware product. Don't miss this unique and limited chance to get another great Amiga shareware program for only US$ 20 instead of US$ 25.

We invite you to find out how a registered MUI can help you to get more fun and power from your Vaporware products and other MUI applications. Either start your MUI tour on the MUI Homepage or check some of the screen snapshots below directly.

If you want to take this offer and register MUI, please proceed directly to the MUI orderform. Tell us which Vaporware product you own and we'll reduce your price by 20% automatically. Please note that discounts are only available if you order online and choose email shipment of your MUI registration.

We want to thank you again for supporting the Amiga and its shareware programs. Your participation ensures continued development of new Amiga software. Together, we can build a future for our machine!

MUI Basics
(724 x 566, 87 kB)

AmIRC in action
(724 x 566, 120 kB)

Voyager 1
(800 x 600, 136 kB)

Voyager 2
(661 x 584, 99 kB)

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