Excerpt from NewIcons' introductory text:
(Grotesque statements are indicated in bold text)


Well it's been awhile since my last foray into the great GUI debate. I have been auspiciously absent for a year or two due to what I consider an alarming trend towards a gratuitiously ugly standard, namely MagicWB....

MagicWB appears to be an oxymoron from the ground up. The term "magic" would seem to imply a technological achievement which surpasses human comprehension. Although from a visual standpoint it may be difficult to comprehend why anyone would settle for this pedestrian, monochromatic interface, it is all quite easily explained: Amiga users are in such despair over the lack of ANY standardization that they will eagerly embrace whatever looks better than Commodore's laughable attempt at what is known in the industry as a Graphical User Interface (GUI). It would seem, however, that style, taste, and/or design are not any of the chief concerns of those who would endeavor to better the situation. Over the years, there have been those who have tried to foist upon many an unsuspecting user their interpretation of what an attractive, workable environment should look like. Many of them have gone unpunished, including that individual who designed a Workbench around a color scheme which included such delightful hues as fluorescent green and beige. Makes me wonder if Dr. Kevorkian offers gift certificates... Other incarnations have ranged from blatently insipid to overtly disgusting, the latter dominated by what is known as MagicWB. In deference to SEA (the Society for the Elimination of Acronyms), we will refer to MagicWB and other such counterparts as UGLI's (Unprofessional Graphic Layout Interface).


Now, WorkBench institutes some standards and guidelines for operation. For example, disk windows often contain gadgets for controlling window position, size, and termination, but lack any easily accessed, point'n'click hurt-me buttons, such as the ability to format the hard drive (although I would actually enjoy a feature like that, especially if it would allow me to format the hard drive in someone else's computer...).


Until recently, I was content to remain uninvolved in this seemingly endless, lemming-like parade over the MagicWB cliff because I had my own Workbench design and seldom, if ever, made contact with any other Amiga user. I had, to my surprise, actually forgotten exactly how rancid the original Commodore Amiga icons were. When MagicWB arrived on the scene, it took me slightly less than 6 seconds to come to the realization that this was really just a cruel joke heaped upon the Amiga community by some fiendish, diseased pervert in an attempt to prove once and for all that those who owned Amigas lacked the higher brain functions of color recognition, compound speech, and the ability to switch off "Dukes of Hazzard" re-runs."



This was an excerpt of NewIcons' ridiculous attempt to introduce itself as the only possible solution for all Amiga users. As you can read, the authors are not doing this in a humble way by just showing their talent and craftsmanship to the world. No, on the contrary, they need to slaughter and attack all other competitors and their work in a very cheap way. They even need to attack Amiga users ("those who owned Amigas lacked the higher brain functions of color recognition and compound speech...").

What I can comment is, that real artists don't need to verbally thrash around with a profile-neurotic mental diarrhea to nourish their self-absorbed attitude and heal their obvious inferiority complex. Real artists speak through their work and craftsmanship and let others decide what is good for them and what not. No physical or mental work can blossom and thrive for long if it is based on hatred. Form your own opinion...

There is no accounting for tastes, but for character!

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