The SASG Registration Program is the core of our standards and regulations. It includes all information about the SASG, its history, its standards and its products & authors. It contains all valid combinations between our different types of ordering, payment, extras, reg-sites, delivery etc. It will guide you through the entire registration process and will show you what your options are. It features english and german language.

You will need this program whenever you decide to register offline via email, fax or mail. It supports military-grade PGP encryption for enhanced safety when transmitting your order through electronical mail systems. When you have filled out your registration you can tell the program to print out your SASG registration form and send it to the nearest registration site, or you can fax or email it to the SASG Shareware Center if no SASG registration site is in your vicinity. It even features a built-in TCP/IP support with which you can transmit your order directly to the Shareware Center without the need to prepare an email.

The SASG Registration Program is included in every SASG product. If you have not downloaded the latest release of the product you would like to register, or if you have an SASG Reg-Program with a version number smaller than v4.0, you can now download it right here. The file you are downloading is a self-extractable archive. Just start it and it will unarchive itself to the current directory where you started the file. Then click on the SASG Registration icon to start the program and follow its instructions.

Download Reg-Program

The registration program offers you to use our military-grade PGP public key to encrypt your email registration data. In order to check that our public key has not been tampered with, just compare its fingerprint results with the fingerprint given below:

EC 61 D6 21 0B 50 4F 19 CA 48 D1 94 3E 20 90 6C

The SASG Public Key is already included in the Registration Program. For those who would like to get it separately, we are providing it on this page. Please save this HTML page to your disk and add our public key to your PGP keyring:

Version: 2.6.3i


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