Throughout the last years we have constantly improved our own standards and services to meet the requests of our users and to increase the comfort of our ordering system. So, we have consequently expanded our infrastructure to cover more places on the globe with our registration sites. We have improved our standard registration program, extended our range of payment methods and currencies and vastly improved our support through the Internet and the World Wide Web. Following is a survey of our achievements and services:

  • Quality assurance

    We have created demanding standards with which all SASG products have to comply to both improve the quality of shareware and offer the best possible price/performance to the end user who should never regret having purchased one of our products.

  • Unique registration program

    SASG features a very small and compact registration program which is included in every SASG product. Even though it is so small in size it contains all information about the SASG, its standards, payment methods and currencies, its background and the author & product information. It is very easy-to-use by featuring an intuitive design and help texts to guide the user. With it you can register our SASG products in all needed payment methods and currencies. It supports credit cards, email, fax and security orders via PGP. It is bilingual, fills out the order form automatically if you want to upgrade, has got an improved printer support and a built-in TCP/IP system for transmitting email orders directly to our Shareware Center. And if this is not enough, we have added a jaw-dropping SASG trailer with animations and a few gags -- the first time that you will see this in a workbench window!

  • Credit card support

    SASG now accepts all major credit cards. These are VISA, MasterCard, EuroCard, American Express and Discover. This cashless payment method was requested by many users who can now enjoy the ease of registering without the hassle of sending money as cash, PMO or cheque in a paper letter.

  • Full data security

    For those who need the utmost security when transferring their credit card data over the net, we are providing 4 different ways:

    • by using First Virtual and paying with your PIN
    • by transmitting your order via PGP encrypted email
    • by using a browser that has built-in SSL capabilities
    • by faxing your order directly to our registration center

  • Standardized registration fee

    The registration of an SASG product only costs US$ 20.00, an upgrade can be ordered for half the price. This basic registration fee is constant for all SASG products. A privileged express treatment costs US$ 27.00. It may happen that depending on where you live and what kind of payment you choose a minor additional amount is added to cover handling, taxes, credit card charges etc. It is not worth mentioning as these are only a few dollars. To find out exactly what a registration would cost in your case, just fill out the product's orderform on this website. It will calculate and display the exact registration fee before you can send or cancel the order (so you can not register by mistake).

  • Fully electronic registration

    Through this website and your credit card you can benefit from our exceptionally fast electronic registration which is handled by our automated ordering system. Within hours your order is processed and (after your credit card is verified) you will receive your keyfile via email. Since no paper money, letters, disks & postal services are involved it is the fastest way to register a product. It is at least as fast as our express service and costs less! It is also totally secure since we support SSL. You even have the option to transmit your credit card number via PGP encrypted email (military grade) or fax.

  • Global infrastructure

    In the last years SASG has established a global registration site infrastructure in all important countries in the world. Wherever we realized a need for a local support due to Amiga activity in that country, we established a reg-site. This was welcomed by many users in these countries since it is far easier to register through a national reg-site instead of sending the registration abroad.

  • SASG Shareware Center

    The core of SASG International and its automated ordering system is the SASG Shareware Center. This main registration site is able to handle any registration from any place in the world. Users already having an SASG reg-site in their country should continue to use it. But all users who would like to benefit from our very fast electronic registration (via email and credit card) or are living in places far away from any reg-site, should use our international Shareware Center. Through it we are now supporting all Amiga users worldwide with an unprecedented comfort and service.

  • SASG Website

    Through our World Wide Web site we offer our registrants continuing support and extras. Our reliable online services will provide you with the newest information about our products, new versions, additional programs, special goodies and user support. Read the FAQs, browse our guestbook or ask the author directly via email.

Now, use our SASGINTERNET SERVICES to retrieve all information about our most successful line of shareware products and see previews, download demos, even order the product of your choice right here and enjoy the author's support & extras. Take your time and find out the best way to use & view our website in our Help section and learn more about the people behind it in our About section. If you have a homepage and would like to link to our website, we are providing you with a special SASG link button.

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