Every year we all come together to celebrate Christmas. This is the time where people present gifts to each other to show they care for one another. You might say "it's a ritual" or "Xmas' only reason is to boost sales". But don't be so cynical. Of course people buy more things in this season, since Xmas is about giving to those we love and appreciate. And of course it's a ritual. Rituals have become pretty unpopular in our cynical world... What are they for?

Rituals are more important in our days than we realize since we live in such a high-paced, hectic world. Events like Christmas remind us to stop for a moment and think about the past, what has happened since then, think about ourselves. And soon everybody realizes that without the help of some special people around them they would be nowhere. Sure, you might argue that you don't need any events to remind you to reflect upon your life and show that you care for others. Well, many people do. After all it's positive that we have these rituals, since without them most of us would probably forget to stop for a moment.

We at SASG would like to stop for a moment and express our gratitude to everybody for supporting our project in the past and thus helping SASG to make the Amiga a better place to stay with. You showed us that you cared... Thank you!

To celebrate these events our team at SASG has decided to give away our products much cheaper than we usually do. We want to show that we care for our supporters by making a special offer: SASG International grants you an exclusive, time-limited

20% Christmas discount until December 25th

on all of its featured products! This offer is valid for the whole Christmas season beginning on St. Nicholas Day and ending on Christmas Eve. To make use of it, just click on the provided product buttons below. They will take you directly to the order page where you must select one of the two online ordering methods (1 or 2) to use our special Christmas discount. Don't miss this unique and limited chance to get our popular Amiga shareware products for just that little shareware fee. This is our way to show you that we care. Merry Christmas!

MWB 20%

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