To answer the most important question first:

"Believe it or not, there will be a new MagicCX sometime soon!"

Plans for MagicCX

Currently I'm working on a smaller update, which only adds some more modules and blankers. Furthermore little enhancements of existing functions will be implemented and, of course, bugs will be fixed. As users demand, new modules and functions will be added during the time and will make MagicCX the State-Of-The-Art multifunctional commodity available. With the ongoing help from users across the world, there will not be an end of development, except registrations stop.

Maybe there will be some MUI version sometime soon, but this depends on YOU, the users. Please let me know what you think about that and keep on going making suggestions on how to improve MagicCX.

When will we see the new MagicCX?

I don't know, yet. Actually I'm pretty busy working on other things, but as time permits, the new version should be out pretty soon, so make sure you stop by regularily to find out whether there is a new version available.

What you can do!

Well, you have the opportunity to actively participate in the development of MagicCX. I am not able to think about every little functions users might need or like. It might be obvious that I'm in need for input from the users' side, so that I may add functions according to the customers' needs. Furthermore please support the idea of MagicCX by registering your copy of the program. Otherwise I think no one cares about the work I put into the program. Whether or not you already registered, please feel free to send email to my address to give me suggestions and/or place feature requests.

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